10 Small Games That We Can’t Help But Love

10 Small Games That We Can’t Help But Love

Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. And today we are counting down 10 Small Games that we can’t help but love. Before we get started, I want to point out that by small I don’t mean insignificant or anything negative. I mean they are amazingly simple great games that are wonderful to play when you just need to relax for a bit or while watching a show. Now these are 10 games that I personally have a love for, so please, by all means, share yours with us in the comments below.

10.) Zen Koi
Do you like random games where you play as a fish that eats other fish then ascends into a dragon? Oh, never played? Well here is one for you. It gets a bit repetitive but you get to create more of all different colors and patterns, so if you are a 100 percenter like me, you may play this longer than you expect to.

9.) Mine Quest and Dino Quest
These games are made from a company that pumps out games very regularly, so it is safe to assume there are more varieties to come. In these digging games you click through the ground and find dig sites with dinosaur bones or ancient ruins to find treasures and enemies. Surprisingly good fun.

8.) Clicker Heroes
I’ll admit, I haven’t played this in a while. It has become pretty popular and available for free on steam so you have probably heard of it. If you haven’t and you like clicky time consuming games, check this one out. I played Clicker heroes mostly before it was on steam. When it was just an addictive flash game on Newgrounds. Ah, those were the days… You know, like… Less than 2 years ago or something… Yeah…

7.) Robot Unicorn Attack 2
I will not openly admit how many hours I have spent staring at my phone trying to beat my high score in this game. I mean, you are a galloping robot unicorn who can fly and make sparkly poop trails. What more do you want? Take my advice, though, don’t use the wings. Just max jumps. Trust me.

6.) Doodle God series
Oh, gosh, I love these games. I think doodle god was the original match 2 elements, make a 3rd etc etc game. There have been lots of knock offs, but nothing has even come close to the original. There are free versions of this game on apple and android, so check it out. If you aren’t already in love with it.

5.) Triple Triad
Okay so this isn’t so much a game on its own as it is a mini game within Final Fantasy VIII. Which, side note, is an amazing game. Anyway, Triple Triad was so much fun that we have to bend the rules little to include it on this list. Sometimes I find myself just playing Triple Triad for hours, forgetting I have a full great game to play. If you really need your fix outside of the game, there are sites to play it. But, for me, it just isn’t the same outside of the Squaliverse.

4.) 7 Little Words
This game takes crosswords out of their box, so to speak. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? It is free to download on google play and I think even on apple’s app store. Be prepared though. It is an addictive game and the groups of paid puzzles adds up quick, but it is a nice game to play before bed. If you can put it down.

3.) Everyday genius: Square Logic
A nod to one of the first games I played on steam many years ago. I probably have more hours on this than any other game on my games list even though I haven’t played it very much at all in the last couple years. i also played it a lot before I even got steam, so it is safe to say I have played this way too much. And it is probably the first game that I got all of the achievements for on steam. Such a great game. I can’t imagine getting sick of this one. It is similar to sudoku, but a bit more complicated and so much more fun.

2.) Puzzler World Series
I am going to start this by admitting something I shouldn’t. I have 3 puzzler world games, 1 and 2 on steam and 2013 standalone. And I have filled up and completed 100% all user accounts in all the games in 2 of the languages on 3 computers. And 2013 I have restarted the game and done it again a few times. Yup. I shouldn’t have admitted to that. My own lameness aside, puzzler world is a great game that has all different kinds of puzzles to play. From sudoku to simple word finds, to many kinds of crosswords and more. Puzzler world is clearly very addictive. And awesome.

1.) Cooking Academy series
Much like Puzzler world, I have beat this game 100% more times than a sane person admits to. And I have started over to do it again multiple times. Once I did 3 of them in a day… A few days in a row… Wow, there is something really wrong with me. Anyway, before anyone says cooking mama, I’m going to state that I do really enjoy cooking mama a lot. But there is something about the simplicity of cooking acadamy that I really can’t get enough of. Also I can play it on PC without any kind of emulator which is always a plus.

Alright geeks, thanks for joining us, let me know what small games you love in the comments below and if you enjoyed this list, be sure to subscribe for more countdowns, lists, let’s plays, and for other random things. See you next time.