10 Co-op Games That we Love

10 Co-op Games That we Love
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Hey geeks, it’s Andrea. Today is my birthday and for some reason birthdays in general bum me out. So I figured that I should do something that I enjoy and bring you a countdown. Okay, so, last week Josh was here hanging out because he was on spring break and it got me thinking. We don’t really get to see each other offline very often anymore since about a year and a half ago when Josh moved a few states over with his dad to go to college. Most of our time is spent in Skype just hanging out or playing games together. We always find ourselves looking for more games that we can enjoy co-oping together or with other people. So whether you are looking to play games with your friend, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, that distant cousin you have a weird crush on, a stalker, or your dentist. Here are 10 games that we really enjoy to CO-OP

10. Diablo 3
I have always loved the Diablo series. So when 3 came out, I was incredibly happy. Josh and I have definitely become those seasonal players. You know, the ones that only play it for the first few weeks into a season. But hey, you know what? We have a great time!

9. Starbound
In our review of this a few months ago, I admitted how fast we beat this when we got it. I think it was just a couple days. So, clearly we enjoyed it a bit. It’s a really fun exploration game. I’ve heard of crazy amounts of people being allowed on a server at a time. So you can, in theory, play with as many people as you want.

8. BattleBlock Theater
Oh the evilness that can come out when playing this game. I love it. I love working together to get to the ending. I love being able to troll each other and just having a great time. There is always so much laughter going on while playing this. Also the narrator is amazing.

7. Deathtrap
If you love Action RPGs and Tower defenses, you should definitely check out this game. There is a nice classic feel to Deathtrap that a lot of games miss these days. The three classes are all pretty standard, but they are all really well done. And they feel different enough to be their own class. So whether you choose the warrior, the sorceress, or the marksman, you will have a great time.

6. Don’t Starve Together
More like die a painful death in the winter together, amiright? All kidding aside, though. Don’t Starve is a lot of fun. You can wimp out and set the settings to be easier for your play style if you like. I won’t judge you. If you loved Don’t Starve on your own or wanted to love it but it was too challenging, find a friend and check out Don’t Starve Together. It is way more fun with a friend.

5. Creativerse
Creativerse is easy to compare to minecraft, and that is fine. I like playing an adorable character who collects blocks, builds houses, fights, and tames pets, don’t you? My favorite thing about creativerse is probably the fact that any enemy can be tamed. Oh and don’t forget the adorable hats and ties that you can find and put on them. Also this game is Free to Play now, so definitely check it out. Side note: How is it that I end up building the house and preparing things while Josh is out hunting and gathering?

4. Dungeon Defenders
I am aware that there is a free to play Dungeon Defenders 2, and I did play it a bit before it was F2P. So I want to start out by saying I love DD2 and will play it plenty more, but this spot is for DD1 because we played it so much. And honestly, I prefer purchasing a few dlcs to having some items and skins behind a real-world currency. But that is a discussion for another time. Besides, you have to honor the originals, right? Anyway Dungeon defenders is an amazing tower defense game. There some ridiculously hard maps that you really need to recruit several good players to get through. Whether you like a challenge or like things simple, there are so many options to customize the difficulty just for you.

3. Torchlight 2
If you haven’t played torchlight, you need to get on that. Torchlight has a similar play style to Diablo, but if I’m being completely honest here, I prefer it. One huge plus for Torchlight is that you can download mods for it. So there is a whole world of user-created story out there for you once you beat it all. Oh and adorable pets. Even a little clap trap. It is very important to note if you are purchasing it, that torchlight 1 is not co-opable. Torchlight 2, on the other hand, is a perfect sequel and adds CO-OP.

2. Terraria
Terraria has pretty much everything I could want in this style of game. There are all different difficulties of bosses to try and build your gear up towards. Also you can play in different ways. There are multiple sets of gears just to keep you a happy little panda. So you and your friends can all have your role to play.

1. Borderlands Series
Oh, Borderlands, you dirty little Minx that I love so much. First person shooters have to be up there in my list of favorite game styles. And this one is… Words cannot accurately describe my deep love for this game. It’s goofy, fun, the guns are awesome, the style is great, the.. you know what, it’s just great, okay?

That is going to do it with this list. We have plenty of more CO-OP games to share with you in later videos so stick around for that. As always be sure to subscribe for more countdowns, reviews, discussions, and other randomness. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter to hang out with us and for information on future videos. Alright geeks, see you next time.

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