5 More Skyrim Mods That I Love Ep 2

5 More Skyrim Mods That I Love
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea, and I am back again sharing 5 more Skyrim Mods. If you missed our last Skyrim Mod list, check out the description for our countdowns playlist. As always, the links to nexusmods will be listed in the comments below. Alright geeks, it is that time again. Here are 5 More Skyrim Mods that I love.

5. Succubus Race by Nikitaa assisted by Zaarok
Kicking off our list is the race mod that I am currently playing. It’s possible that what drew me to this mod initially was the fact that at the time I was girl crushing on Anna Silk from Lost girl. Incase you haven’t seen it, she was playing a succubus. I guess that was obvious… Anyway Succubus Race adds a great new custom race to Skyrim. As a succubus you have special succubus powers, which are pretty fun to use. This mod also includes wings, horns, warpaints, eyes, new spells, and so many other great things.. One of my favorite things about the succubus mod is the bodies. That sounds perverted, but it isn’t meant to be. They are slightly shorter than the standard skyrim character and they just look really nice. It only works as a female, but that’s fine. This mod works very well with CBBE, which is my body modder of choice. So overall, I highly recommend this.

4. Elysium Estate by thejadeshadow
This is one of my 2 favorite house mods at the moment. And the location and stability of this one is just unbeatable. You may have noticed it in my last Skyrim video when I was showing off an armor mod. One of my favorite things about this mod is the use of linked storage. What this means is after putting away something like ingredients in its labeled container upstairs, you can go downstairs to the other linked ingredients container and they share the same pool. It is a very lore friendly house and there is a lot of room to deposit unique items. The storage is amazing and everything is properly labeled. It’s wonderful. Hands down, one of the best house mods out there.

3. No Menu and Loading Smoke by IceKK
Not all featured mods have to be super showy, do they? This mod is just the oposite, and I love it for what it does. Although I like the look of smoke in general, the clean black just looks so much nicer. It was created for people where ENB messes up the smoke, but that wasn’t what brought me to the mod. It’s a great simple mod. I really love it.

2. Skyrims Unique Treasures by clintmich and icecreamassassin
First off, I have to start out by saying I love treasure seeking mods. I love that feeling of Ooooooh I found one! In real life, the closest thing I get is holding my niece’s hand during Easter Egg hunt. Which is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But there are no Jade Dragons at Easter, are there? I want Jade Dragons! Anyway, all jokes aside, this mod is great. There are so many great items that you can find all over the place. I am a person who uses a lot of treasure find mods and this is by far my favorite. If you don’t have this, you should definitely go add this to your game right now. While watching more Geeky Gaming, of course.

1. Northgirl Armor by anka01
This is undeniably one of my favorite armor mods. In fact, when I first started modding my game, this was one of the first mods I fell deeply in love with. There aren’t many armor mods out there that as lore friendly as this. I’m one who doesn’t mind the skimpy clothes at all, but it is nice to have something less revealing. It is still a very sexy outfit without boobs hanging out. Maybe even more so. I swear, someday I am going to get someone to make this outfit for me IRL.

Alright geeks, that’s going to do it for this list of mods. I’ll definitely be sharing more mods that I love in later videos, so look out for that. If you want more countdowns, reviews, discussions, and other randomness be sure to subscribe. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter to hang out and for information on future videos. All social media links are below, so be sure to hang out with us on there. Alright geeks, see you next time.

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