10 Amazing Live-Action Super Heroes

10 Amazing Live-Action Super Heroes
by Andrea “The Grill” and Josh “The Geek” of Geeky Gaming
Andrea counts down 10 of her favorite live portrayals of Super Heroes in movies and shows.

Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea and I am here to share with you 10 Amazing Live-Action Super Heroes. I know that there are so many great portrayals that didn’t make it onto this list, so be sure to share your favorites with us in the comments below. In a few days, we will be sharing with you the opposition. 10 Amazing Live-Action Super Villains, so be sure to look out for that. Alright geeks, let’s go.

10 – Kelsey Grammer as Beast
If I am being completely honest, I am not really a fan of Kelsey Grammer. I don’t dislike him; he is just really boring to me, and maybe a little overrated. Honestly Kelsey Grammer was a bit of an obvious choice, but whenever he put on that make up to play beast, it all worked well. Beast has always been a character that I adore, so I am very happy at how well he was able to bring him to life. The character Beast is more than just that amazing makeup job and Grammer really stepped up to give Beast the magic that he really needed to be believable.


09 – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Overall I have been very dissatisfied with the casting for X-Men movies, but the few they got right they really nailed. Hugh Jackman was an amazing choice for Wolverine. He was able to take that powerful beast of a character and bring the angst and struggles that he has to the surface of all of the movies he has played him in. Without coming out as a little… um… Insert your choice words here. There is a reason we have gotten to see Jackman as Wolverine so many times, he is amazing at it. It doesn’t hurt that the ladies love him, does it?


08 – Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Have you ever noticed how so many of these characters have a troubling past to overcome in some way? Luke Cage is no different. Like other Marvel characters on Netflix they did a great job of keeping Mike Colter’s Luke Cage a little more based in real world settings than some movies might have portrayed him. That lends itself well to Luke Cage. Although his powers aren’t very realistic, this light makes it easy to see him as a person and not a character in a super fantastical world. Colter did a great job of keeping the character grounded while walking the line between strong man and a guy with a soft side.


07 – Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker

Of course Tobey Maguire did an amazing job as Spiderman, but I really want to focus on how believable he was as Peter Parker. The character of Peter Parker is slightly nerdy and awkward. I hope it isn’t an insult to Tobey Maguire, but most people would probably have said that slightly nerdy and awkward would describe Maguire at the time. That isn’t a bad thing. Hey, to me those are very sexy qualities. It really helps bring a truth to what Peter Parker is. The way Maguire played the scenes where he was testing out his abilities really worked to humanize the character.


06 – Jon Bernthal as Punisher

Punisher was the surprise of this spring for me. I don’t ever look up information about these upcoming Netflix Marvel series beyond the date they will be premiering because I love not knowing beforehand. And Punisher being part of it was really a nice surprise to me. The Punisher as a whole is a very rough character and you really feel that in Bernthal’s take of him. I want to be careful as to not spoil anything for anyone who still hasn’t watched season 2, so all I will say here is that if you love the Punisher, there are some moments that will make you very, very happy.


05 – Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

I don’t know what it is, but I am addicted to Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. I think Josh gets annoyed at me asking when season 2 is going to be. I mean, we still have several months to wait, that just isn’t fair. I love Jessica Jones as a character on its own. I love the relationship between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. and how well it followed the comics… I really loved all of it. I keep saying love, I know. I can’t help it! It is just such an amazing series. I think it might have given me a little bit of a massive girl crush on Krysten Ritter. Her take on Jessica Jones is crush-worthy.


04 – Charlie Cox as Daredevil

I am absolutely in love with the Marvel series on Netflix. They are very much based in a more realistic and raw world than a lot of comic-based movies and shows have been. I absolutely adore this realism in the Netflix series. The one that kicked it all off was this guy right here. Daredevil. Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock like it was the role he was born to play. We haven’t seen any super impressive Daredevil portrayals before this, so this was a breath of fresh air.


03 – Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman

With his career back on the rise, Robert Downey Jr took his role as Iron Man to a new level. He did such an amazing job that he was able to re-establish himself as a household name to new generations. With the immense amount of popularity it has received it is no surprise how believable he was as Tony Stark. He has even moved beyond doing just Iron Man sequels into playing alongside other super heroes in the Avengers. Hopefully we don’t see the end of RDJ as Tony Stark any time soon.


02 – Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

I will be the first to admit that when they announced a live-action Deadpool movie, I was a little worried. Deadpool is one of my favorite comic book characters and is such an easy character to screw up. He is sarcastic and wonderful, but if done incorrectly is cheesy and just kind of a jerk. But I am so happy that Ryan Reynolds was cast as Deadpool. He really did an amazing job. Not to take credit away from the writers, they really knew how to write to Deadpool’s character and clearly did a massive amount of research. Reynolds took that amazing writing and just ran with it. I don’t go to the actual theaters very often, but this was one I couldn’t stay away from. I can’t express enough how well it all came together.


01 – Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier

It is near impossible for me not to see Patrick Stewart’s face when I think of Professor X. If you didn’t know better, you could think the character was written just for him. By my count, Stewart has played as Professor X in 7 movies and 5 video games with no sign of stopping. I know some people may always remember Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, but he will always be Professor X to me.


Alright that is going to do it for this countdown. I know there are so many more I even wanted on the list, so be sure to share your favorites in the comments below. Do me a favor and hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and follow us on twitter for more information and possibly even a bit of input in future videos. Alright geeks, thanks for hanging out with me, I’ll see you need time.


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