5 More Weird Games Ep 2

5 More Weird Games Ep 2
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Join Andrea in counting down 5 more weird games. Don’t forget to share weird games in the comments for future videos!

Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. I am here again to continue our journey into the world of weird games.  As always, be sure to share weird games in the comments for me to look into for future videos. There are so many weird games out there, so we will definitely keep making these videos. Alright geeks, let’s go.

  1. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker
    Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a dating sim like no other. It appears to be a game full of sexual innuendos and decently cute graphics. The main skill you will need while playing is memory. You have to remember many little details to be able to properly beat the game. A lot of people seem to really enjoy it.
  1. Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015
    This one is very weird…. Shower with your dad simulator 2015 is a game where you pair up a child with a dad in a shower. I don’t even know how I am supposed to feel about this one. It is so strange. I really wish I could see the conversation that created this game idea. “Yo, Bro, did you ever shower with your dad?”
  1. Wario Ware
    This is actually one of my favorite games. My brother got me into Wario Ware games whenever I was really young and it was love at first sight. If you like games all about mini games, I highly recommend this series. The mini games in Wario Ware can get quite strange. Most of which are referencing other games. Just with a nice Wario spin on them.
  1. I Am Bread
    A game for those of you who have wondered what it would be like to be a piece of bread with the sole purpose of becoming toast. With all the simulator games that exist these days, it isn’t hard to believe that someone would make a game about walking food. If you can call it walking. The controls are decently challenging so if you like a challenge, check it out.
  1. Mister Mosquito
    Here is a game where you get to suck the blood from a family minding their own business. You play a hungry little mosquito and each room you need to fill a certain amount of blood. If they notice you or you suck either too fast or too slow you will end up stressing out your victim and they will come at you. To calm them down, you basically become an acupuncture mosquito.

Alright Geeks, that is going to do it for this video. Like always, if you have any weird game suggestions, leave them in the comments below. You can also always tweet them to us on twitter. If you have ever played these games. Let us know what you thought of them. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you can come be geeks with us. Alright geeks, see you next time.

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