Geeky Gaming’s Top 15 Picks from E3 2016

Geeky Gaming’s Top 15 Picks from E3 2016
by Andrea “The Grill” and Josh “The Geek” of Geeky Gaming

Hang out with us while we share our Top 15 Games from E3. It’s always one of our favorite times of the year, so we were really happy to see some great content this year!

Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea and I am here with Josh today. Last year I counted down 15 of my top picks of E3 and this is definitely something we want to do every year. This year I am so happy that Josh was able to help compile and will be reading this list with me. So this is our list of top 15 picks from E3 2016. There were a lot of great games this year, so it was very hard for us to cut it down to 15. Let us know in the comments below what games were your favorites. Alright Geeks, let’s go.

  1. Pokémon Sun and Moon
    Kicking off our top picks is a game that I think most people were waiting for. Technically Pokemon Sun and Moon was announced before E3, but we got a lot of additional information at the conference during E3. We also got to see some actual gameplay. Sun and Moon looks like it is going to be another great Pokémon game.
  1. Oxygen Not Included
    We were not given a lot of information about Oxygen Not Included, but it is a survival style game by the guys who made Don’t Starve. So we definitely have high hopes. The style seems to be pretty similar, but with a nice Space setting.
  1. Scalebound
    Now this game was very interesting. It appeared to be a dragon version of Devil May Cry. I don’t know if that is insulting to say, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. The main character seems to have a lot of personality and the game seems very fast paced.
  1. Dead Rising 4
    Dead Rising games are always a hell of a lot of fun and include being able to play with all kinds of random weapons. And Dead Rising 4 doesn’t seem like it will disappoint us. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to wear silly outfits and smack around some zombies.
  1. Prey
    Another game with not much to go off of, Prey was one of Bethesda’s best showings of the year. Although we didn’t get to see anything on a new Elder Scrolls like I know we were all desperately wanting, we were happy to see this new project. Prey can’t really be compared to the original 2006 game because it isn’t a sequel, prequel, or even a reboot. It’s a completely new and interesting Prey.
  1. Dishonored 2
    We are probably some of the last few gamers that haven’t played through Dishonored, but after watching the gameplay footage of the second, we immediately set it to download to our Playstation. I have to say I didn’t know I would get this excited for the announcement of Dishonored 2 because I hadn’t played 1, but it looks so freaking fun. There were so many different abilities and ways to play. I think I may have just found a new game series to love.
  1. Death Stranding
    After the cancellation of P.T. last year, we were consoled with the knowledge that Kojima was still working with Norman Reedus on a mystery game. And during this year’s E3 we were not disappointed when watching the mysterious announcement trailer. In typical Kojima fashion, we were left with more questions than answers.
  1. Resident Evil VII
    Resident Evil has always been a creepy game, but never more so than in this trailer. It appears to be taking Resident Evil into a completely different direction. From the story basis to playing the game in first person view, everything is changing. The fact that it is going to be playable on Playstation VR makes me think playing this could be the first time I pee in my pants as an adult.
  1. Days Gone
    When the video for this started we were so sure it was going to be The Last of Us 2. I would say we were disappointed when it wasn’t, but that didn’t last long because the game looks amazing. And similarly styled I would say. The enemies in the game are not zombies, but instead seem to be mutated humans. It’s hard to say for sure at this time because there isn’t a lot of information yet, but there is enough for us to know we are definitely interested.
  1. God of War
    This was definitely an unexpected change from the God of War we have all grown to love, but it seems to be an interesting change. Dad of War is filled with Norse mythology instead of Greek and that will open a lot of doors for new story lines. If you’re a massive God of War fan like myself, you’re probably pretty excited to see where they’re going with this.
  1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    This is hard to talk about because it looks so freaking amazing that there are no words. This new Zelda adds a survival aspect to the game and seems like it will be one of the largest Zelda games to date. With weapons that deteriorate and the need to eat food to heal, Breath of the Wild is taking a big turn from previous Zelda games. It will be interesting to see what other changes will come into light over the next few months.
  1. Horizon Zero Dawn
    This is the only game to be on my list both years in a row. And it has moved up quite a few spots on this list. I absolutely want to play this game. And it comes out only a couple weeks before my birthday. Hint, hint. I love the idea of this civilization of humans being past the age of these mechanical beasts and not knowing exactly what they are. It’s like a future version of life in the past with futuristic stuff. Wait, what? That was confusing. Either way, the game looks great and I can’t wait till the day I can play as this bad ass lady.
  1. Detroit Become Human
    If you liked Heavy Rain, then I think it’s safe to assume that you will probably feel the same about this one. Like Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human appears to be a game with so many different possible endings and outcomes. Some of which aren’t going to be winning you the game. With hard decisions and so many outcomes, we can likely expect many hours of fun.
  1. We Happy Few
    These last two were the hardest for us to decide on. We wanted both of the top two to share the number one spot so badly. It almost came down to a coin toss we debated it so long. Although We Happy Few took the second slot, it is tied for first in our hearts. We happy few was probably the first thing that we fell in love with at E3 and it completely caught us off guard. The trailer for we happy few was among one of the most intriguing and hopefully will end up being an incredibly interesting and creepy story line.
  1. South Park Fractured but Whole
    I know we debated on this for a long time, but it really is South Parks time to shine. I mean the stick of truth was so amazing. I don’t know how many times each of us played through it, but we definitely loved it. So being able to take those characters into the next game and in what appears to be an even better game. I can’t wait till we get to play this. With improved mechanics and more messed up jokes, what is not to love?

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