5 More Skyrim Mods That I Love Ep 3

5 More Skyrim Mods That I Love Ep 3
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Here are 5 Skyrim Mods that I love and use in my load order. Sorry I was sick in this recording and sound like a dying cat, but I hope you give these mods a chance anyway!

5 More Skyrim Mods

Hey Geeks, It’s Andrea. Today we are doing a bit of a different video. We’ve done a couple of these in the past, but most of you new comers probably haven’t seen them. I am a bit of a Skyrim Addict and I use a lot of mods when I play. So I like to share some of my favorites with you guys so you can check them out in your game play. If you aren’t really into Skyrim, but like the idea of having mods recommended for you, that’s okay. Let us know what games and maybe we will check it out for future videos. Alright Geeks, let’s go.


  1. Noble Dresses and Noble Wedding Dress

Okay this is kind of a 2-parter. I’ll explain, don’t worry. It will all make sense. Noble dresses is the mod here that I really wanted to showcase. There are many dresses in this mod and they are just beautiful. I even had my lady get married in one, isn’t she cute? Of course these are clothing items so you can’t really fight in them… Well, I play on the hardest difficulty with mods that make the game harder and sometimes I still wear clothing items just because I am a crazy person, but most people wouldn’t. Probably? Either way, they’re gorgeous. Okay so here is where things get a little complicated. I can’t give you the link to this because it has been taken down. Don’t worry, I have your back, but let me explain first. The Noble Dresses link was taken down off of Nexus Mods because the creator was getting spammed with questions of how to get the required mod Noble Wedding Dress because for some reason that was taken down a long time ago. Again, don’t worry, I have your back guys. Guess who just happens to have both of them? And loves you Geeks so much that she is going to share them with you. I shared them in the comments, so you can download them and add them to your nexus mod manager from there. I know there are so many people looking for them, so be sure to share it and make sure they get their hands on them. Don’t worry, Geeks, Mama Drea will always be there for you. The location to get the dresses was a bit of a pain. I don’t know if it is my mods that made it hidden like this, but it is in Solitude right next to the Radient Ramnent door, I shared a picture of how hidden it was on mine for you. I hope that helps.


  1. Nightingale Prime HD by ZeroFrost uploaded by AncientVampire

Here is a gorgeous HD retexture of one of the better looking armors in the original game. Once you come towards the end of your Thieves Guild questline you get this awesome looking armor. You can tell in this side by side that AncientVampire shared just how much more crisp the textures are in the retexture. It’s more than just an HD version though, the new version has added a lot more details. So now as a reward for getting through everything thieves guild, or at least getting towards the end of it, rather than getting a pretty flat but theoretically badass looking armor set you get this epic shiny black mm mm mm I love your armor, baby. Or something a little better worded. You get it.


  1. Merta Assassin Armor by Deserter X

I have to be really careful how I show this because it is a little risqué for uploading video to YouTube. I am pretty much just showing you one of the outfits in this set for that reason, but there are a couple more in the mod. Deserter X actually makes a lot of really nice armor mods on nexus mods, so I highly recommend going through them. I of course had my character wear this assassin armor throughout my Dark Brotherhood questline. It just felt so perfect for her. Of course she is a little stabby lady, so it really works.


  1. The Gemstone Collector by Haxokron

Here is a mod that adds a ton of new materials to the game. The Gemstone Collector adds 223 new gems, 9 armor sets, 239 weapons, 26 more armor pieces, 72 accessories, and 197 bonus items. Obviously I didn’t count those myself, it says that right there on nexus mods. See? The great thing about this mod is not only the awesome looking weapons and jewelry it brings to the table, but it also adds a treasure hunter element to the game. There are these colorful chests all over the place and once you get enough coins to buy the keys for them, you can use the keys to go around opening chests. It takes a bit to save up the coins to get the keys, so fortunately the keys are reusable.


  1. Legacy of the Dragonborn by icecreamassassin

I love love love this mod. It is quite possible that it is my favorite mod of all mods. I mean of course it needs the other mods to fill it, but… Okay I am getting way too ahead of myself because I am excitable when it comes to this mod. I am a collector in games. I want to get everything and do everything I can. This mod was made for people like me. It is a mod that makes all of your efforts of going around getting everything you can worth it. You can display everything here. There is a library to show that you are collecting all of the books, places for special armors, weapons, everything. It even works with a large list of mods, all of which are must haves, so you can store your collections from these treasure hunting mods. It’s so great. But wait, guys, there is more. It kind of adapts a bit as you add things. People start showing up to view the museum, it has its own storyline that grows with the museum including your own guild of treasure seekers, you get special items donated to the museum… Geeks, it is so awesome it is killing me that I am not in there playing right now. There is a safe house attached that you get after adding enough items that I have pretty much made my permanent residence since I got it. Well, I definitely have made it my home. I usually spend quite a bit of time sorting out my loot because I am an organizer, that’s what I do. Whether it is my files on my computer, my closet, or any given inventory in a game. I like things neat and organized. Right in their spot. So when my bags get a bit full I would usually spend quite a good amount of time making sure the ingredients were where they were meant to be, light armor, heavy armor, food, enchanting stuff, etc etc. I don’t have to waste that time anymore though because it has a freaking sorting box, Geeks. I love this mod, guys. Icecreamassassin, you are my hero. In fact, once I am done with this video I am going to go assassinate some ice cream with my mouth in your honor.


Alright Geeks, that is going to do it for this video. I know I get a little excited when I talk about playing Skyrim, but you know what? I’m not ashamed. It is a great game. You can spend so many hours playing the unmodded version, but as soon as you discover life with mods. Mmmm. I love it. Although getting excited with a sore throat as bad as mine is probably not the best plan. So, sorry if I sound super sick. I certainly feel it. I hope that doesn’t take away from the greatness that is these mods and their creators. Geeks do me a favor and subscribe to us if you aren’t. Things are going to be picking up here next month and we will make sure you lovely Geeks have more video game and other Geeky things countdowns on a more than once a week basis. We will talk about that more later. I usually like to put out videos more often than just once a week, but I have been working on some pretty big projects for you guys that have been keeping me crazy busy, so I hope you’re ready for what is to come. No spoilers, but I will say that you will definitely want to be here for October. As always if there are any video ideas you want to see, we are here to listen. Leave your comments below because we just wanna make you special Geeks happy. Alright Geeks, I’m out but I will see you next time.

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