5 Game Launches That Didn’t Quite Go as Planned

5 Game Launches That Didn’t Quite Go as Planned
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Sometimes whenever playing a game on release day you might get a little crash here or there. Sometimes, though, things really don’t go well. Here are 5 big ticket games that were a bit broken on release.

5 Games Launches that didn’t go quite as planned


  1. Battlefield 4

After Battlefield 3 being EAs fastest selling game of all time, they were ready for an epic sequel. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to worry as much about getting it right as they did on the previous games. The release was so bad that the shareholders actually sued EA for tanking their stock prices. Talk about putting salt in a wound. Many blamed it mostly on the addition of 64 player maps. There were a lot of really weird bugs, a couple of the most memorable ones for me were giant Godzilla-like players and dead players continuing to be able to just sit there and shoot. Of course it also had issues like the game crashing regardless of what platform you were on. There was some good to come from all of the drama that surrounded this launch though. EA took a hard look at their release strategies and it seems like they have been doing a lot more tests before alienating the players again.


  1. Diablo 3

Diablo 3 was one of the most anticipated games of 2012. Gamers had to wait 12 long years after Diablo 2 hit the shelves. There was good. I mean it set a record for the fastest selling PC game ever. It sold 3.5 million copies in just 24 hours. Which is pretty amazing if you stop the video there, but… A lot of those people couldn’t play the game at all. Reports say most, but I remember being able to and all of my friends were, so I don’t know how exaggerated that is. Many players got infinite loading screens. Some other players couldn’t get their characters to finish creating. There were also numerous game crashes. The servers for Diablo 3 had to be taken down several times in order to attempt to fix the issues. Even if you were able to play the game, the game play and the way legendary drops worked at the time took a lot of fun out of the game for many players. The real-money-auction-house sounded like a good idea on paper, but didn’t turn out quite as planned. Okay so, I personally didn’t play it that much when the game came out because it was just too much of a headache and I tend to have a short attention span anyway. That being said, I’m a person that pretty much always gives a developer another chance and I didn’t play again until Reaper of Souls came out. A number of players never gave it a chance even with the release of reaper of souls. I mean, I get where they’re coming from. Reaper of Souls is what the game should have been on release so maybe it should have been a free expansion. I don’t know, who am I to say? Even with the seasons being decent now there is still a small handful of players that refuse to come back to the game because they feel it was basically a full costing early access game.


  1. Assassins Creed Unity

When Assassins Creed Unity came out, people maybe weren’t prepared for the large amount of weird issues to come from the game. There were disappearing boats. Faces that fell off characters while you were talking to them or even kissing them. Sometimes the skin textures were somehow more messed up than just not being there. There were randomly distorted physics, floating bodies, NPCs bugging out. The number of bugs that came with Assassins Creed were crazy. In order to try to fix the issues and maybe gain some points with players they offered a few free patches and a free DLC. The problem is that one of the free patches somehow made the game more broken on Xbox One. Although most players wouldn’t do anything like it, accepting the free DLC also waived the players right to take ubisoft to court. Which upset some people that wouldn’t even consider that a thing to do because… Well, that debate is for another day, but the idea of them patching it for you and having that in the agreement in the print didn’t sit well with some players. Although it was just covering their ass, it was understandably annoying.


  1. Batman Arkham Knight

This was a game that I know I was super excited to have come out. The previous games were amazing. If you played the game on console, it worked exactly like you wanted it to. But on PC it was so broken it was actually unplayable in many situations. If you moved Batman at all, which is kind of an important part of playing, the frame rate would tank. Players were upset to find out that they knew about the PC version having issues before the game came out and still released it as is. The game was so broken on PC that Warner Bros had to remove the game from sale on all sources, including Steam. They also offered refunds to players and vowed to fix the problems. It was quite a while before the game showed back up for sale and was actually playable. Now the game is what the game should have been on the launch and most people that have given it a new chance have been very happy.


  1. No Man’s Sky

Alright, you probably put it together that this was the inspiration for this video. I want to point out that this isn’t about the fact that people are upset that it is an exploration game and has seemingly no purpose to people. Honestly I thought it was pretty clear in that, but I understand people getting swept up in the excitement and over hype for the game. I personally love No Man’s Sky for what it is, but that isn’t what we are talking about today. We are talking about game breaking glitches that came out with the launch of the game. As with pretty much all of these, most specifically on PC. Some Players had super low FPS even with high end graphics cards. Some processors simply couldn’t boot the game pre-patch. There were or are numerous crashes and more issues are still being found. Also there are reports of some of the promised content not being part of the release, but the game only came out about a week ago, so we will what the future holds.


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