5 Creepy Children in Movies – Horror Month 2016 – Day 3

5 Creepy Children in Movies – Horror Month 2016 – Day 3
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

You know when you’re watching a horror movie and a little girl starts singing and you just get all creeped out? That’s what inspired this video. Here are 5 creepy children in movies

  1. The Ring

Whether you’re a fan of the original or the remake, The Ring has earned its place in movie history. When it comes to creepy children, Samara is quick to come to mind. Of course, it is hard to crawl out of a television set and not be creepy. The hair and makeup crew did a great job of setting the right mood to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Still, all creepiness aside, it is a kind of hard not to feel for Samara as the movie progresses.


  1. The Unbroken

I’m not going to lie to you and say that the acting in this movie is great. It’s actually almost hilariously bad. There are times it feels like a bad porn set up. But the important take away in this case, is how creepy the kid is. For most of the movie he just kind of lurks around. Causing things to happen like glass breaking or intense nightmares, but maybe a little murder in the mix. Creepy kid or not, if you have a group that gets together and watches bad movies, I would say this is a good candidate. Other than that, I can’t in good conscience recommend it.


  1. Joshua

If you’re wanting to watch a movie about a creepy child, this is the one. This kid gives me the creeps. Joshua is a movie about a young boy who gets a baby sister. Of course adding another child to the family often adds some complications, but this reaction is definitely not a normal one. Or at least I would hope not. Throughout the movie Joshua does things like hide his baby sister and put her back to make his mother think she is losing her mind, intentionally terrifies his baby sister, pushes his grandmother down stairs, causes his mom to step on broken glass, and just a whole list of creepy behavior.


  1. Orphan

Whenever the Coleman family decided to adopt a girl, they weren’t expecting the pure evil that is Esther. Although the movie might frustrate you a bit, as it did me, it really is a decent movie. The performance by Isabelle Fuhrman was arguably one of the strongest performances by a child in the genre. She was only 12 years old when the movie came out. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know why after watching it I struggled with the idea of putting this in the list. I feel it was well deserving, though.


  1. The Shining

Okay so by today’s standards it may not be the most terrifying set of children in movies, but it is certainly a pair to remember. The Grady twins were one of the most memorable characters from such an impactful horror classic. It’s definitely where a lot of movie fans minds go when they think of creepy children. Twin sisters Lisa and Louise Burns blame their part in the movie as what destroyed their promising acting career. Maybe the casting directors were just too freaked out to hire them after watching the actual movie.

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