5 Possessed and Cursed Items – Horror Month 2016 – Day 4

5 Possessed and Cursed Items – Horror Month 2016 – Day 4
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Oh man, the idea of items causing death or haunting people gives me the creeps. Here are 5 of them for you. If you like these creepy items, don’t be scared.. We will share some more with you later this month


Hey Geeks, it is Andrea. We are on day 4 or of our daily creepy countdowns for the month of October. Our Horror Month is just beginning but we’ve already seen a handful of creepy countdowns. Today we are taking a look at 5 Possessed items. These are items you definitely don’t want to get your hands on at a garage sale. Alright Geeks, let’s go.


  1. The Curse of James Dean’s Car

James Dean was an incredibly famous actor in his time. Before his pre-mature death in 1955, he loved his Porsche 550 Spyder. He had the car customized just for him by George Barris. Who was famous for making movie cars look exceptionally bad ass. He loved it so much he gave it the nickname “Little Bastard.” After meeting with fellow actor Alec Guinness and showing him his treasured vehicle, Guinness stated, “If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week.” Seven days later, James Dean was killed in his Little Bastard. After the wreck, George Barris bought the wrecked Spyder. Not long after it slipped off the trailer they had it on and broke a mechanic’s leg. Barris sold the engine to Tom McHenry and the drivetrain to William Eschrid before they had a race. During this race McHenry lost control of his car and ran into a tree, dying instantly. While Eschrid’s car suddenly locked up and flipped over, seriously injuring him. A bit later, Barris sold 2 wheels from the Spyder to another driver. Both tires blew out at the same time and drove the driver off the road. At this time, Barris decided he wasn’t going to sell any more pieces. That didn’t deter a couple of robbers though. Two men tried to steal the seats and steering wheel off of the Little Bastard. While trying to take the steering wheel off, one of the thieves’ arms was torn open. Yes, torn open. The other thief was injured trying to remove the custom seat that was now stained with James Dean’s blood. After this event, George Barris decided he had to hide the car, but the California Highway Patrol convinced him to lend it to them for a highway safety exhibit. Unfortunately, before the exhibit could happen, the garage that was storing the car for it caught fire and was completely burned to the ground. Somehow, even after being part of a large fire, the Spyder was left completely undamaged. The Little Bastard was next lent to a local high school for an event and the car fell off its display and broke a student’s hip. Afterward the Spyder was being transported in a truck when the driver lost control. He fell out of the truck and somehow in a wild turn of events the car crushed him after falling out of the back. The car continued to fall off of 2 more trucks transporting it, but no one was injured during these events fortunately. Somehow while transporting it back to Borris, the cursed car vanished and the whereabouts of the entirety of the car haven’t been publicly known since.


  1. The Crying Boy Paintings

Italian artist Giovanni Bragolin painted a picture of a crying boy that was incredibly popular in the 1950s. Not only of the one boy, but there were also similar portraits painted of other boys and girls. Only one that carried a curse with him though. In 1985 a firefighter from Essex told a newpaper that they would frequently find the painting undamaged in the remains of houses that were burned to the ground. British firefighters refused to allow copies of this painting to be allowed in their homes and you can’t really blame them. As expected, it didn’t take long before a story was surfaced that the painting was of an orphan who had lost his family when his home was burned down. There isn’t enough evidence to say whether it is true or not, but after less than 2 months of this story being released, The Sun, the newspaper that originally released the story, was organizing mass bonfires of the paintings.


  1. Thomas Busby’s Chair

Thomas Busby loved his chair when he was alive. Maybe a little too much. So much that he murdered his father-in-law Daniel Auty for allegedly sitting in his favorite chair after arguing about Thomas’s wife, Elizabeth. Before his execution, people believe Thomas put a curse on his chair. If anyone were to sit in his precious chair they would be haunted and die shortly after. These rumors were fueled by fatal accidents in the early 1970s that happened after people sat in the chair. Some reports saying the number of deaths being over 60 individuals. In 1972, they hung the chair from the ceiling to prevent people from sitting on it. If you had the chance to sit in it, would you?


  1. The Basano Vase

The Basano vase is a thing of stories past down over time. One of those things you don’t believe actually exists. The story goes that a young bride was given this vase as a wedding gift. On her wedding night she was found dying on the floor, holding on tightly to her new vase. Supposedly before she died she promised vengeance for her death. The vase was given to family members of the bride, but as each family member died in strange circumstances, the vase was boxed up and buried in a secret location. That was until 1988 when allegedly someone found the vase with the note on the inside reading “Beware… This vase brings death.” Rather than listening to the warning, he discarded the note and sold the vase to an auction. The buyer was a pharmacist who died mysteriously 3 months after making the purchase. So his family sold the vase off. It was purchased by a surgeon who died 2 months after. At the young age of 37. The vase was then sold to an archeologist, 3 months later he died. After being sold again the next owner died within a month. Instead of selling the vase, the family decided to throw the vase out a window. Once thrown the vase nearly hit a policeman in the head and wrote the man a ticket. The man accepted the ticket but refused to take the vase back stating that he would rather be arrested. The police department tried to get museums to take the vase, but the curse was already well known so none of the local museums wanted it. It was reported in the newspaper that the police buried the vase to protect people from it. Only time will tell if it appears again.


  1. Annabelle

Annabelle is probably one of the more famous possessed items. Most recently it was made popular by a horror film by the same name. Though, as you can imagine, that was quite different. In 1970 a woman bought a large raggedy Anne doll for her daughter Donna. Donna was studying to be a nurse and had a roommate named Angie. They would come home and find the doll in different positions than when they had left. After a while, they began finding notes reading the word “Help.” And even found blood on the doll. After consulting with a local psychic, they were informed that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle who had died where their apartment was before it was built. The girls had a friend named Lou who didn’t believe the psychic saying there was something way more sinister about Annabelle than just the spirit of a young innocent girl and pleaded with them to get rid of the doll. Supposedly that night Annabelle visited Lou, lifted his body off the ground and strangled him until he passed out. The next night while Lou was visiting the girls, they thought they heard someone in the next room and became scared. So, Lou went to see what created the sound. Before long, Lou began to scream. When the girls came to see what was wrong, they saw 2 huge claw marks down Lou’s chest. No intruders were in the room. Just Lou, the girls, and Annabelle. Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous for investigating the Amityville house, were called in to see the doll… They came to the conclusion that Annabelle wasn’t the spirit of a little girl, but instead a conduit to hell being used by a demon. They tried 2 failed exorcisms, but gave up. Instead the doll is kept behind glass in the Warren’s museum with a sign warning people to keep their hands off. Some visitors swear to see the doll move.


Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this creepy video. I don’t know about you, but the thought of objects having the ability to cause death is a hard one for me to swallow. But terrifying none the less. Let me know what you guys think. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another creepy countdown and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. Alright Geeks, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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