7 WoW Facts That Might Surprise You

7 WoW Facts That Might Surprise You
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

World of Warcraft. AKA Josh’s other girlfriend. Here are 7 facts that you may or may not know. WoW is definitely our favorite MMO, what’s yours?

7 World of Warcraft Facts that might surprise you


Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. Today I thought I’d go back to a game that I haven’t played in a few years. With Legion dropping earlier this week, there is a lot of buzz around World of Warcraft. Our very own Josh is going starting out his first expansion in a U.S. top 50 guild and is pretty excited about it. So, let’s look at some facts that you might be surprised by. Alright Geeks, let’s go.


  1. As a Horde for life I am saddened to tell you that most players pick Alliance. They also like to play as their own species because the most picked race is Human. For our horde brethren the most picked race is by far blood elf. Although hunters have historically been the top picked class, they have been battling it out with Death Knights this year. Both have around the same percentage.


  1. The corrupted blood incident. When Zul’Grub or ZG was first introduced to the game, the final boss had a debuff called Corrupted blood that drained HP from players. Initially the plan was for it to only infect players within ZG, but there were the clever few who discovered that they could contract the disease to their pets. This meant that they could move the debuff from inside the instance and take it to other areas of the game. For example, Orgrimmar. Allowing them to spread the disease from person to person, killing many low level and other characters. What makes this so interesting that because of the way the so called infection acted, epidemiologists found it fascinating and it was used to explain the way lethal outbreaks work and how the communities react.


  1. 14 million physical copies of the original World of Warcraft have been sold. Making it the 3rd top selling PC game of all time. This of course doesn’t include any expansions.


  1. NC State University did a study that provided evidence that playing WoW helped improve the cognitive functions of adults. That’s right, kids, playing world of Warcraft will make your brain work better. They tested seniors between the ages of 60 and late 70s for a baseline test then went home to play World of Warcraft for 2 weeks. When they retested again, their test scores improved significantly. Participants with the lower-end scores showed the most improvement.


  1. The Estimated budget for the Warcraft movie was 160,000,000. While they made less than $50 million in American sales, they grossed over $433 million worldwide. While this sounds like a decent return in investment, it was reported that they needed to make $450 million to break even.


  1. Legion is a different beast. With the new expansion of World of Warcraft, Legion, they are making some huge changes to the game. Now you get artifact weapons rather than depending on drops. Although you do find artifact relics to insert into your weapons to upgrade them. For the first time, there are PVP only abilities to help separate PVP from PVE. And one of the most bank saving gifts they will ever give you, transmog now stores items you have held in your inventory. Now you won’t have to fill you bank with those beautiful armor sets that you may or may not decide to wear one day. To fix the isolation caused by garrisons, Legion brings class orders to the game. This is an attempt to try to bring characters together again. Rather than keeping them cooped up in their garrisons like happened in WoD. There is so much going on it would be enough for even me to re-up my subscription. If I had the time. I don’t want to be a filthy casual. You Geeks get it.


  1. And the number one fact that I am pretty damn sure you don’t know. Almost 5 years ago exactly Josh and I met in the game. We used to raid together and even grew a guild together. I started playing at the end of Firelands and was very lucky to meet the best man to ever be in my life. It’s a weird drama-filled story of how we came to be, maybe someday I’ll share it. Until then we’ll just let it be a mystery.


Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. I’m pretty sick today so hopefully things didn’t sound too bad. Be sure to share, like, leave a comment, and subscribe. I am so close to finishing up writing for our Halloween event and I can’t wait to tell you Geeks what is about to go down. Alright Geeks, I’ll see you next time.

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