Poop Eating!? – 7 Crazy Things Musicians Have Done On Stage

Poop Eating!? – 7 Crazy Things Musicians Have Done On Stage
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Let’s talk about a few things musicians have done that make us wonder just what they were thinking. From doing naughty things to blow up dolls to eating body body waste, here are 7 Crazy Things Musicians Have Done On Stage.


Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. The other night I was lying in bed thinking about what videos to while waiting for our Halloween event. And I got to thinking about this event they do locally. They have some random performances happen by even some big names, but it is free to enter and pretty freaking packed every year. As someone who really doesn’t like being around a lot of people, I definitely haven’t gone, but my dad told me about a few weird things he has seen when he has gone. I can’t remember who the bands were, but I remember hearing about a few things they did on stage. There was one guy who was hawking big loogies or I guess spit balls in the air and catching them. By the way, saying that makes me gag already so… This is going to be a hard video to get through, isn’t it? Another one, also gross, a bassist was picking his boogers and flicking them on the audience. Anyway, this got me thinking about other weird things people have done, so here are 6 crazy things that musicians have done on stage. Alright Geeks, let’s go.


  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Although they are known mostly for their music, of course, the Red Hot Chili Peppers definitely made their live shows more interesting by performing several times throughout the 90s in nothing but a sock. Well, all of the members had their own socks. Let’s not make this weird. At least one member, Flea, was arrested once. It really takes balls to perform in front of that many people with nothing on but a really long sock. Really long.


  1. Miley Cyrus

In the last several years, Miley Cyrus has been expressing herself in a far different way than she would have in her Disney days. Of course she really made a household name for herself after her 2013 MTV VMAs whenever she poked at Robin Thicke’s crotch with a foam finger and twerked against him. That just isn’t crazy enough for this list, is it? Her 2015 tour, Milky Milky Milk had a lot of notable moments. Probably most notably humping and fellating blow up dolls and wearing fake breasts and a fake penis.


  1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has had her fair share of moments that remind you that she likes to push the boundaries. The one event in particular that we are going to talk about today is from March 13 of 2014 at the SXSW Festival in Austin Texas. While performing the song swine a vomit painter or vomit artist by the name of Millie Brown put fingers down her throat and released green liquid onto Lady Gaga. This created an uproar among some because many felt that the performance promoted bulimia.


  1. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is undeniably a rock icon. Many credit him for making the stage dive popular in the rock genre. He has in his own rights earned his spot in rock history. Sometimes during shows in the early 70s, he was known to occasionally show his private pop to the audience. He would also cut himself with broken glass by rolling around shirtless in it. He also would puke on stage and even once got himself beat up by a group of bikers in the middle of a show. Rather than stopping, he got back up there and finished the show.


  1. Ozzy Osbourne

Okay, you’ve likely heard this story. It is probably the most famous. It isn’t exactly as malicious as it sounds on its own. On January 20, 1982, while performing in Des Moines, Iowa, someone through an unconscious bat on stage. Ozzy thought it was a rubber bat so he decided to proceed to bite the head off as a bit of a stunt. Unfortunately, it turned out that the bat was not only real, but also alive. In the process, the bat also bit Ozzy and he had to be treated for rabies.


  1. GG Allin

(Sigh) I hope you Geeks know I’m reading this stuff for you because… Okay, so GG Allin, who was born by the name Jesus Christ Allin was big in the punk rock circuit from the late 70s until his death in 1993. He did quite a few violent and strange things during his time, but probably the weirdest things he did was… I really don’t want to say this. Okay, so he attacked some fans watching his performances, mutilated himself and smeared his blood on his body and… Smeared his own feces on himself and well allegedly ate some. So… That’s how he chose to show the man.


  1. Marilyn Manson

I have a feeling some of you knew this guy would be on this list. And no, giving himself head after having a rib removed is not one of them. It’s not possible, it’s just a rumor. Just, no. He has done some other interesting and some phallic things, though. As you can imagine, this is going to be a long one. So strap yourself in, or… On? In some of his earlier shows he had a pregnant-looking woman iron a Nazi flag, hump the ironing board, and pretend to perform an abortion on herself. In 1994 he was arrested for jacking off with a strap-on dildo and urinating on audience members. Though it has been argued that he wasn’t wearing a dildo, but rather just rubber underwear. Once, Manson added another scar to his covered abdomen by taking a broken beer bottle to his chest and dragging it across himself. He claims this to be one of his longest and deepest scars on his scar-covered torso. In 2001, Manson was arrested for sexual assault after grabbing a security guard on stage during an Ozzfest while wearing only a leather thong and a pair of pantyhose. Once he was on stage, Manson wrapped his legs around the man’s head and rubbed himself on it. The weird things didn’t stop when the band walked off stage. For example, once Pogo took pictures of a deaf groupie naked covered in nothing but hot dogs, salami, and pigs feet. Then having sex with her and finishing in her quote “useless ear canal.” Then Manson and another band member, Twiggy, relieved their bladders on her while she was showering. The band also once stole human bones from graves and shaved them into a pipe and smoked them.


Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. There were a lot of performances I didn’t include on this video because some of them I did include are hard to top. For example, Jimmy Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire while on acid and Jim Morrison waving his little jimmy around for fans to gawk at. There are some other interesting ones too, so if there are any events you know of or remember, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go and check out some of our other videos. Leave us a like and a comment. I promise, I don’t bite. Well… maybe sometimes. Alright Geeks, I’ll see you next time.

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