5 Amazing Survival Games

5 Amazing Survival Games
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

If you are like me and love a great survival game, you’re going to want to check out these 5. There are a lot of great ones out there, so be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments for future videos.

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Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. I go through a lot of trends with what kinds of games I’m playing at any given time, but right now I’m really into survival games. I absolutely love them. Just in case you don’t know what we are talking about, in a survival game you are dropped into a world with pretty much nothing and have to build yourself up from scratch. Making or finding your own tools, bases, and materials. I’m pretty excited for this one. There isn’t a game on this list that I wouldn’t highly recommend to any of you Geeks out there. Alright Geeks, let’s go.


  1. Subnautica

Let’s start this out on a very high point. Subnautica is undeniably one of my favorite games at the moment. I know some people are a little scared of games in early access, but I think all of the games on this list are actually still in early access. I wouldn’t let that hold you back from, well, any game you really like, but specifically this one. It is already higher quality than a lot of full releases I’ve played in the last few years. Some of the enemies in this game can be incredibly terrifying. I have found that often in underwater games I get a little creeped out just from being in the water. Which is not a bad thing in this case. You should be creeped out. You are in this gigantic alien world as a lone survivor after a crash. Using solely what you can create from what you find around you mostly under water to survive. The dev team has stated that they have no interest in adding multiplayer to this game. Which is actually not very common for a survival game because so many people do want to play with friends. And while I would love to get a friend or two in a game with me and create a great undersea base together, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the game. That being said, I can’t deny that I would dance for joy if they gave in and added it.


  1. Rust

As far as survival games go, I would have to say that Rust is one of the most straight forward of all of them. What I mean by this is Subnautica is undersea survival, Osiris is space, ARK has dinosaurs, and there are so many zombie ones out there. Rust is straight forward in the sense that there is no obvious… I guess you could say gimmick. Which isn’t a bad thing either way. There were a few zombies at one point, but those are not in the game anymore. Which I feel is a good thing, because Rust just doesn’t need it. There certainly is plenty there to keep you occupied. Rust has some great multiplayer servers you can hop into or you could even host your own. Which is what I always do. If you do plan on playing on a multiplayer server, be prepared to be raided and start over again and again. There are some people that RP in this game and there is a large group of players that will… Well, they’ll destroy the hell out of you and take everything that was yours. It’s all in good fun and part of the game. If you don’t want that, definitely set up your own server.


  1. The Forest

This is the moment you realize how much of a … I am. The enemies in this game terrify the crap out of me. Every time I try to play this game, when I see one I will accidentally close it. I get so scared my fingers just go Alt F4 crazy. Even when I turn it back on and tell myself don’t close the game… Well, you can guess how that goes. I feel like this is one I really need to play with someone instead of completely by myself, which is what I have done. Simply because I am such a little bitch. That all being said, it just makes me love the game even more. You do have to survive, catch your own food, make your own water source, build your own base, and all of those great things that you need to have in a survival game. They just took the game so much further in the terror aspect. At least for me. I know some people that have played this extensively probably think I’m nuts, but the enemies are freaking terrifying. The premise here is that you were in a plane crash and now you have to survive on this island. There is more to it, but you need to play the game if you want to know more. They have a unique way of handling death. Whenever you die you are actually captured by these monsters and wake up hanging in a cave and if you can make your way out, you get to continue your game. I will warn you, there are some fucking terrifying monsters in this cave. At least they terrify me, but… If you’re new here, you will come to learn that I am not that hard to scare.


  1. 7 Days to Die

There comes a point in any survival game where you have your own sources for food or water. You have decent gear and have stockpiled everything you could possibly need so you feel like for the most part you are prepared for anything. Your chance of survival is pretty high. 7 Days to Die complicates that a bit by making the game become increasingly more difficult as the days pass by. You will also have hordes of zombies attacking your bases, so you need to fortify yourself. All the buildings and everything else you find is destructible. I have so many great things to say about this game. It is very straight forward and you should definitely make a server to play with your friends.


  1. Osiris: New Dawn

This game is kind of an obsession of mine right now. I will admit, I don’t own it yet because I am cheap and waiting for a nice steam sale for it. So, I have not personally played it, but I have watched it being played a lot. As I did with most of the games on this list before buying them. I’m in love with this one. I know it probably triggers some people for me and a lot of people lately to say that it is subnautica in space, but that’s a compliment. As stated earlier, I freaking love subnautica. The cost of building in Osiris can be a bit expensive in materials because you have to build all walls after creating the base, but I actually like that. It adds more customizing and it really isn’t that hard to farm mats in the current build. Like a lot of great survival games, and four out of five on this list, you can survive with your friends. The last thing I’m going to talk about is the enemies. They are epic. They are large and do not hold back at the beginning of the game. You’ll probably see one within your first few minutes of playing.


Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. This is definitely one I want to check back with, so be sure to share your favorites below so I can include your message in a future video. As always if you’re new be sure to subscribe. And everyone drop a like and share with your friends. Let’s make this the year of the Geek. Alright Geeks, I will see you next time.

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