Jousting Genitals, Fireworks, and Motion Sickness? This should be interesting

5 Weird Games
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

It’s that time again for some more weird games! Be sure to suggest some and keep them coming!

T-Shirt of the Week:

Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. I don’t know if you are ready for this. Hell, I wrote the damn list and I don’t know if I’m ready. Every once in a while, we like to share some weird ass games. Not weird ass games, but weird ass games. See the difference? Some games this time around just don’t understand. Let’s not waste any more time and just get right into it. Alright Geeks, let’s go.


  1. Genital Jousting

This is one of those moments that I’m glad my family doesn’t follow any of the work I do online. Let’s read the description on Steam, shall we? Genital Jousting is an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses for up to eight players at once. Or as my good friend Chris likes to call it, a great Saturday night. (Crickets) I guess pointing jokes at just one person you know probably isn’t the play here. There is also a pointing flaccid penis joke in there somewhere. I will let you have at that in the comments. Anyway, the goal of this game is to plug the behind of your friends…… thing. If that sounds like a hell of a good time for you, I recommend picking this one up on steam for the low low price of 5 dollars. It’s the cheapest flaccid wang you’ll ever pay for.


  1. Fireworks Simulator

Here is a game that surely won’t get boring within a few minutes. With Fireworks Simulator you can make your own fireworks display. If you really love fireworks enough to tolerate a frustrating UI then you might like this. Some people really enjoy it and others get bored within the first few minutes of playing. Other complaints are poor graphics and high CPU usage. I’ll be straight with you, I wasn’t willing to drop 10 bucks to test this game. So, I can’t even say if the game is overpriced. So if you were willing to drop that 10 spot, let me know what you thought.


  1. Lovely Weather We’re Having

At first glance of this game you may think it just has no purpose. I’m not going to say that you’re wrong, because you aren’t, but there something to it. Lovely Weather We’re Having actually uses your own local weather to change the way the world looks and how other things in the world respond to you. So does time of day and other factors. There are a lot of games with no goal, so you’re probably wondering what makes this one particularly weird? I mean, not too much, I suppose. I guess to an extent, I am also wondering why it’s so weird to me. There’s just something about this game is just really odd to me. It could be the weird chewed up bubblegum looking character in addition to even less going on in this game than others. I don’t know, you tell me. At an 8-dollar price point, it is certainly a steal. The only question is what is being stolen and who is being stolen from. You tell me.


  1. Jazzpunk

If you want a game with great humor and just complete randomness, this is a great one for you. You play as a special agent of sorts and to get to your missions you take a mysterious pill. There is a lot of subtle and not so subtle humor in this and I cannot recommend it enough. There is one major issue that I personally have with this game. It’s rare, but there are some first-person games that cause me to have severe motion sickness and this is definitely one of them. Within about 15 minutes of playing this game I get a severe migraine and become very nauseous. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t tested what causes it enough, but I assume it might have to do with the simplicity of the graphics with the addition of very fast movement. That all being said, this is fresh in my mind because I just retried playing it a couple days prior to writing this. With all the health issues I’ve been having recently, including severe dizzying migraines, I can’t say that that didn’t aid in this. I did feel fine when I first loaded the game and it does happen to me every time I try to play this. Regardless of how many months go between times I turn it on. Do not let that deter you from the game, though. It’s great and you aren’t likely to have the same issue as me. I just wanted to give you full warning just in case you occasionally get  FPS motion sickness.


  1. Tokyo Jungle

Here is a game that lets you learn what the world would be like if humanity was gone and you were a Pomeranian. As well as other adorable animals. It really is a survival game like no other. That is of course unless you played Wolf Quest… Anyway, in Tokyo Jungle you need to find food and shelter and continue your bloodline by mating and just straight up surviving. The best way I can describe this is a combination of goat simulator and a modern day survival game.


Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. If you have some weird games you want to see in future videos, please leave a comment below or even tweet them at me. This is one of my favorite series to do on here and your suggestions definitely help. If you enjoyed your time here, please hit that subscribe button. You can always click the little bell next to our channel name if you want to be notified when we post a new video. Also, give us a like before leaving and do us a favor and share with your friends. You can always follow us in the social media links in the description. Alright Geeks, I will see you next time.

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