5 Classic Games from Shushkin’s Childhood. Featuring SHUSHKIN!

5 Classic Games from Shushkin’s Childhood. Featuring SHUSHKIN!
by Shushkin “The Angry Russian CS:GO Player” and Andrea “The Geek” of Geeky Gaming

Everyone come welcome Shushkin in his first ever video with us! Welcome Shushkin! <3 Here is a list of some of his favorite games from his childhood.

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Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea and I am here with a very special guest to take over the video today. One of my favorite people on this planet and a face I hope you will be seeing more of around here. This is his way of officially introducing himself, so without further ado, here is Shushkin for you. Alright Geeks, here you go.

Hello, this is Shushkin. You may know me from Gaming With Shushkin or that Podcast where I was barely on, mostly falling asleep. Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite childhood games with you. That I used to love and play all the time. Some of them I didn’t even beat back in the day. Most of them. Pretty much all of them. Well, yeah, all of them. But I had fun. Replaying them now I had a lot of fun. So let’s go.

5. Dino Crisis 2

A lot of fun for a lot of months. Mostly running around the same areas and doing the same shit over and over again. I didn’t know much English back in the day, so the objectives and the story was kind of lost on me, but I loved shooting dinosaurs, so let’s go with that. After discovering the secrets of time travel, we go through time to rescue a bunch of scientists. To this day, I am still not sure why are the scientists even there. All I know is that you need to rescue them and kill a lot of dinosaurs in the process. Works for me. You play as our MVP, Dylan Morton, a bad ass with a shotgun, who can easily be confused for a member from one direction. The game is in the style of the original resident evil. Tank like movement and instead of zombies trying to take a bite out of your brain, you have dinosaurs that just want to eat you. As you kill them, you get points which serve as ingame currency, for med packs, ammo and other weapons. The camera is always fixed as you go to different sections, which can be a little bit disorienting, but it is way more bearable than that universal theme park game. I had a lot of fun playing it back then and I had a lot of fun playing it now. I would totally recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t shy away from older games.

4. Boogerman

Flick snot, hawk loogies and jump like a (…). This game will entertain you until your brain wakes up and asks you what you are doing with your life. Your objective is to reach the end of the level without dying and along the way you collect plungers for a greater cause. Unlike Mario, Boogerman is pretty hardcore with his willingness to flush himself down the toilet.

3. The Lion King

This game made me realize how much I suck at old school platformers. There is only one objective in this game, get from point A to point B. The how is something that you need to figure out on your own. This game becomes more and more challenging the farther you get. The first 2 levels are pretty easy, but anything after level 3 is a nightmare. Though, I definitely recommend playing this game if you are a masochist.

2. Need for Speed: Underground

What is there to say about this game? Everybody already knows what’s good and what isn’t. In Underground you get to choose a variety of races, such as time trials, drag races, drifting and sprint. So, everything you get from the newer games I bet. This one was my ultimate driving game for a really long time. This game is pretty easy, but gets harder as you go. Especially near the end, the AI will interfere wherever it can, causing you to crash most times and lose the race. Sometimes a pedestrian car will either rush in front of you or slowly take it’s time to drive in front of you, depending on how you are trying to pass it. Overall, the game has good music, good physics, back then and now and the races are just simple and fun. What else do you need?

1. Tenchu 2

Probably my most favorite game on this list. Tenchu 2 is a cool ninja game, where you can go balls deep and attack your enemies like a barbarian, but that makes the game significantly harder. I recommend playing the game sneaky beaky like for the ultimate stealth assassin experience. Play as either Rikimaru, a dude with a mask and a sword or as Ayame, a chick with 2 shorter swords and even a shorter skirt. The objective is straightforward no matter who you choose to play as. Kill off the goons and move on to the boss. Each has their own finishing moves that are fun to watch when you sneak up on one of the goons. Use a variety of tools to either eliminate the enemy or get through obstacles Choosing different characters will bring you to the same maps, only different areas with different bosses at the end.

Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. Thank you so much for hanging out with Shush today. And a big thank you to Shushkin for being here and sharing a bit of his childhood with us. It has been a lot of fun for me have another person here for a video again, so I really hope we hear more from him. The T-Shirt of this week is again this Chew My Balls shirt. It had to be for Shushkin’s first video because he has and wears this t-shirt. Hell, I designed it with him in mind. Before you go, do me a favor and leave him a comment and a like. Alright Geeks, I will see you next time.

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