GENJI from Overwatch – All you need to know about this cyborg ninja! – Know your Heroes!

GENJI from OVERWATCH – All you need to know about this cyborg ninja! – Know your Heroes!
by Andrea “The Geek” of Geeky Gaming

This is the first video in a series of videos where we get to know more information about some of our favorite Heroes from video games. Kicking things off with Genji.. Half man, half man-made. I hope you enjoy!

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Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. Today we are doing a slightly different kind of video as part of a new series where we talk about the Heroes of Overwatch. In each video we will focus on one hero. We are going to start with everyone’s favorite need-healing spamming cybernetic ninja, Genji Shimada. Alright Geeks, let’s go.

Most of you are probably already aware that Genji and Hanzo are brothers. Genji was born 3 years after Hanzo into the Shimada Empire. Son to Sojiro Shimada, he was born into a life of luxury. Being the second born, he didn’t have to take on as much responsibility as Hanzo did.

He was trained to fight with a sword and was amazing in his ninja training, but spent most of his life just having a great time. Handsome, wealthy, and seemingly without a care in the world. Lucky fictional bastard.

Due to how small Genji’s body was, his father nicknamed him Sparrow. Which, if you ask me is a pretty adorable nickname.

Genji’s father, Sojiro, was the master of the Shimada ninja clan. Although he was born into the clan, he wasn’t interested in taking part of the criminal empire. Unfortunately, many members of the clan resented the fact that Sojiro allowed him to live a carefree life and saw it as a liability to the clan.

When Sojiro died, the clan elders demanded that Hanzo require Genji to take a more active role in the criminal empire. Whenever Genji refused, the brothers got into a violent fight, leaving Genji on the verge of death.

Hanzo left the scene with the belief that he had killed Genji in the fight, but in actuality everyone’s favorite Overwatch miracle worker, Dr. Angela Ziegler, or Mercy, saved his life.

Because of his knowledge of the Shimada clan, Overwatch saw Genji as an asset to help take down the criminal organization. They repaired his badly damaged body in exchange for his aid.

Due to how damaged his body was, a lot of his body had to be re-built using cybernetic prosthetics. Fortunately this made him a better fighter, but naturally he struggled with the concept of being a cyborg.

He felt like a monster and resented the parts of him that were no longer human.

Initially he focused hard on taking down the Shimada clan, but once he succeeded he left Overwatch to wander the world in search for meaning in his life beyond his own self loathing.

He traveled all over for years before finally meeting up with an omnic monk you might just recognize, Zenyatta, and moved into the Shambali monastery in Nepal.

Although it took a lot of work to get Genji to open up and accept Zenyatta’s wisdom, Genji would come to see Zenyatta as a mentor. He began to accept himself and his body. No longer resenting the parts of him that are machine. Although his body is largely cyborg, his inner-self, or his soul, is still him. These mechanical parts give him great benefits in combat, but do not take away from who he is on the inside. Or in Genji’s own words, “The heart of a man still beats inside of me.”

Genji later returned to Japan on the 10th anniversary of his would-be death and confronted Hanzo. Who broke into the location of their battle every year on the anniversary of what he believed to be Genji’s death. He would light an incense and pray in honor of Genji. Before he could do this, Genji confronted Hanzo outside of the Shimada Castle. Hanzo did not recognize his bother and they fought. Genji won this battle, but chose not to kill Hanzo. Instead, he removed his mask. Revealing that he had just fought his brother who he had believed he killed 10 years prior and forgave Hanzo. It was time that Hanzo also forgave himself. Parting with the words of wisdom about the changing world and that they would have to pick sides. Informing Hanzo that he still carries hope for him.

A few quick tidbits before we finish things up, if you are like me and follow a lot of hopeless romantic fan art, you may have noticed an increase in Genji/Mercy content last Christmas. That is because in the comic Genji was seen writing a letter and in a later panel was seen being read by Mercy. Naturally, this got some HR juices flowing in the community.

Genji is known for using his katana. He named it Ryu-ichimonji and doesn’t allow anyone else to lay their hands on it. All cleaning, and repair maintenance is done only by Genji himself and won’t even let anyone else examine the blade.

Last little tidbit we have for you, Genji’s name is a reference to a character from a classic Japanese novel titled ‘The Tale of Genji.’

Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. I hope you enjoy this series, we have quite a few more characters to cover. I have been hard at work prepping for this year’s Horror month as well as some new content that I hope will surprise you, so keep a look out for that. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe and leave us a like and comment before you go. Alright Geeks, I will see you next time.

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