5 Horror Movies Inspired by Real Events – Horror Month 2017 – Day 2

5 Horror Movies Inspired by Real Events – Horror Month 2017 – Day 2
by Andrea “The Geek” of Geeky Gaming

As if Horror Movies weren’t scary enough! These movies were inspired by real events!

5. The Amityville Horror
4. The Girl Next Door
3. A Nightmare On Elm Street
2. The Exorcist
1. Psycho

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Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. We are on day 2 of this year’s Horror Month. Today I thought we would take a look at Horror Movies that are based off of true stories. The idea of any of these being true is incredibly terrifying, but hey that is what makes it fun, right? I hope you have your water ready, this is going to be a long one. Alright Geeks, let’s go.

5. The Amityville Horror

This is kind of a controversial one because many people believe that the initial family that wrote the book is, well, to be blunt… Full of something stinky. The Long Island home was purchased by George and Kathy Lutz in 1975. They moved into the home knowing about a horrible murder that happened around a year earlier. 23-year-old Ronnie DeFeo shot his parents, and 4 siblings while they were in bed sleeping. This may deter most families from moving there, but hey, they got a good price because of it. I probably would have purchased it as well. When moving in, they did have the house blessed. While blessing the house, the priest believed he was slapped, heard a disembodied voice say “get out,” became violently ill, and began to bleed from his hands. Of course, this was all according to the Lutz’s, I can’t find where the priest was ever asked directly to confirm. After moving in, supposedly they had doors slamming shut randomly, the house was always cold, and there were phantom scents. They also claimed to find weird substances in their carpet and George Lutz claims his wife would occasionally transform into an old woman. Every morning at 3:15am, George would wake up randomly. This is approximately the time that the murders happened the year prior. One night while awake he claims he heard the children’s beds being lifted and slammed into the floor, but that he was immobilized in bed. Sounds a bit like sleep paralysis to me. That same night, he allegedly saw his wife levitating above the bed. This was the night before they left the home, just 28 days after moving in. The reason so many people don’t believe the story is because investigations of the home have gone two very different ways. The more skeptical investigators coming up to find no evidence, and others quite the opposite, but nearly no evidence to support it. The few pieces of evidence that are popularly known have had some pretty simple explanations. Also the family has made quite a lot of money on the story. So I’ll leave this to you, what do you believe?

4. The Girl Next Door

I had never actually heard of this movie, but when researching the real story… Jesus. The movie was loosely based off of the Murder of Sylvia Likens. People refer to this as the most terrible crime ever committed in Indiana. So, that tells you the direction this is going in. This may be an ear muff moment for some of you. Sylvia’s body was discovered on October 26, 1965. Her body was discovered with over 150 wounds. She was burned with cigarettes, matches, and boiling water. She was also tied up, beaten, thrown into walls, forced to eat liquid and solid waste, and forced to strip naked in front of people and do things with a coke bottle we won’t talk about. To make matters worse, they rubbed salt into the poor girls wounds. During a church event, the woman watching her, Gertrude, force fed Sylvia a hotdog and when Sylvia threw it up, she was forced to eat that as well. She was discovered on a disgusting mattress in Gertrude Baniszewski’s home. She was a 37 year old woman with 7 children of her own. So, you could say that she should freaking know better than this. Though you can probably say that about, well, anybody. Sylvia’s parents paid Gertrude 20 dollars a week to take care of Sylvia and her sister Jenny. After a check arrived late, everything went to hell for poor Sylvia. Gertrude began to beat the girls. Although both girls were beaten, almost all of the attacks were on Sylvia. Gertrude would accuse Sylvia of stealing candy and humiliating her in front of people. She also accused her of spreading rumors about her children at school. The attacks became worse and worse as the weeks continued. Even going so far as to have her own children and neighborhood kids join in on the beatings. Having children push her down the stairs. Everyone who was part of the attacks are actually free today. At least whoever is living. Gertrude herself only served 20 years, and that was the longest sentence. Most attackers didn’t serve any time at all because they were children. So, um, yeah… that’s a messed up story.

3. A Nightmare On Elm Street

This one might surprise you, but you have to remember that this is inspired by true events and not a literal representation. There is a lot to this story, so I’m going to try to stick to the big points. Basically a group of Laotian refugees who had unfortunately experienced a lot, were found dead in their beds. The official cause of death was “probably cardiac arrhythmia.” Many saying the actual cause of death was “Nightmare Death Syndrome.” Which is now known as Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome. I know, there are a lot of titles for one simple thing. This probably sounds confusing. Basically they claim that around 43 Hmung and Filipino young males die in their sleep every year. Simply put, they get so terrified of their nightmare that they literally die of fright.

2. The Exorcist

So you might be thinking, this story is already creepy enough.. we don’t really have to add any truth behind it. You know, you’re right. I’d love to just move on but that isn’t what you came here for, so… This is based mostly off of the first exorcism performed in the United States. The boys name was Ronald Hunkeler and he lived in Maryland. When he was 14, his Aunt Tillie gave him a Ouija Board. Of course, it’s debatable whether this has anything to do with his possession, but some believe it aided in it. Many people believe that his Aunt Tillie was actually one of the first spirits to visit Ronald. Unfortunately it wasn’t long after that things began to get weird. His family started to hear angry voices, furniture was scraping the floors, and there were unexplained claw marks on Ronald’s body. In an attempt to remove this horrible time from their lives, they moved from Maryland to St. Louis, believing that maybe moving from the home would help. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. The events continued to happen. They brought Father Bishop and eventually Father Bowdern to help the event. Many of the events in the movie correlate very well to what happened to Ronald himself. Before the novel and film about this situation came out, the number of possession cases was 10 to 15 a year. After the release of the film, there were allegedly as many as 10 to 15 a week. I don’t know how much I personally believe these numbers, but hey.. It’s a terrifying thought.

1. Psycho

Psycho is one of many many many movies based off the infamous Ed Gein. In fact, I’m sure without even thinking about it too much you can probably think of a handful of movies inspired by Ed Gein. He is to this day still one of the notorious murderers we have ever seen. He was obsessed with his mother and probably had a lot to do with the term Momma’s boy becoming a thing that people perceive negatively. Until her death, he pretty much never left the home. Something must have broken inside of him after her death because he became the Ed Gein we all know of today. He began to steal female corpses from graveyards, remove body parts and keep them then return them to their grave. After that wasn’t enough he turned to murder. Which is what got him caught, of course. The biggest reason he is so notorious isn’t for murdering initially, but with what he would do with the bodies of his victims. Trophies doesn’t really do it justice. He would use parts of humans as materials or as decoration. I’ll just leave the word taxidermy here because I don’t really want to get into that. If you are into these things and somehow haven’t researched Ed Gein, I highly recommend looking into him. He was um… Let’s go with resourceful.

Alright Geeks, that’s going to do it for this video. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. We are only 2 days down in this years horror month, so we have a long way to go. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. Also pick up your limited time t-shirt from teespring and order the song on bandcamp. After you like and leave a comment, of course. Alright Geeks, I will see you tomorrow.

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