GOTTA GET ME THAT KITTY – Geeky Sh*t On The Net Ep 5

GOTTA GET ME THAT KITTY – Geeky Sh*t On The Net Ep 5
by Andrea “The Grill” of Geeky Gaming

Finally I have a moment to breathe and share with you some more Geeky Sh*t on the Net!

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Hey Geeks, it’s Andrea. We are back again with the fifth episode of Geeky Sh*t On The Net.

Let’s kick things off with a picture of a rescued pig and kitten who look so adorable together. This was my favorite picture, but there are a lot more at the link in the description.

Speaking of unlikely pairings, here is a picture of a kitten and a duck.

Here is a cat with his turtle.

Maybe this pair tickles your fancy instead.

This hairless kitty is taking care of this goat that was born premature.

While this little mooer is covered in kittens!

Maybe you prefer the cat and dog variety.

I think I might just die from cuteness overload.

You know, they say you are what you eat… Be sure not to feed your kitten mushrooms, you might get a catshroom. Actually, real-talk… Don’t feed your cat mushrooms. I just googled it… Just… Don’t.

You’ve probably heard of these huge YouTubers, Rhett and Link, but have you heard of their unique website Rhett and Lick? Pretty self explanatory, I suppose.

Do you want to know what news will look like in the future before it happens? News of Future offers articles on what people predict future news articles will look like. Some articles are just a few years in the future and several are from the year 2050… Although that isn’t really that long away, it is more than double most of our lives, myself included, so that is pretty crazy. Keep in mind, the website is quite a few years old at this point, so some articles were written several years ago, you will definitely notice that some of the dates are a bit ambitious, but hey it is still a lot of fun to look at.

Speaking of great websites, here is a website I personally use almost daily. It is rabbit. rabb (dot) it. It is an amazing website that you can get together with up to 24 other people and watch movies, tv, or just browse the internet. You could, for example, have a Geeky Gaming marathon with your friends, or watch your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, or other accounts to catch up on some of your favorite shows or have a great movie night. Don’t be a sucker and just use their browser, though. There is a chrome add-on to add onto your quality of life. Well, your rabbit life at least.

If you are like me, you have a lot of random games on your steam library that you’re not really sure when you got it. In some bundle or something probably, who knows. Anyway, here is one such game that I decided to randomly click and check out. It is called Bulb Boy. It is a point and click adventure worth giving a play. If you like this art style, point and click adventures, puzzles, the color green, and supporting indie games, check this one out. For a random click, I really loved it. It is available on mobile too.

As always all links are below for you to checkout for yourself. Before you go, be sure to subscribe, like, and comment. If you’re super cool, you can join the Geek Army. All you have to do is share your favorite Geeky Gaming videos with your friends. Alright Geeks, I will see you next time.

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